Back to school 2012 Fashion Essentials

Going back to school is a huge event in any girl’s world who is into fashion. In our world, back to school time means time for back to school shopping for clothing! This is an exciting event because we can justify spending a bunch of money on clothing because of course we want to look fresh and trendy for the upcoming school year! New clothes always make people happy!

I’m going to tell you what my back-to-school essentials are, fashion wise. These are things you should own, and if you don’t, I would strongly recommend buying them! By the way, every picture is linked to where you can buy these clothing items online, so it makes shopping a lot easier!


Cardigans are a must-have for every school year! When school’s just starting, and the season is transitioning from summer to fall, cardigans are my go-to piece. It’s easy to throw one on top of a summer top for a little bit of warmth in the morning when it tends to be cooler, of if some of the classrooms in your school are a bit chilly.


It’s also easy to remove if it gets hot inside, and they don’t weigh much, so you can easily carry it around or just throw it in your locker or backpack. Cardigans are great for that summer/fall transition period, for layering in the fall, and not to mention that there are tons of cute cardigans out there!


Jeans are always something every girl should have. Jeans go with basically any top and can be dressed up or down for school. They come in tons of colors, and are basically a girl’s best friend! I think every girl needs at least one pair of blue jeans that fit her really well, and a pair of black jeans as well. I recommend skinny jeans because they work with any outfit unlike flare or boyfriend jeans, but wear what you’re comfortable with!

Getting a few pairs of colorful jeans never hurt anyone, and I would have to say I’m the color queen. I’ve owned about 30 pairs of different colored skinny jeans, and I have to say that I’m obsessed! If you wear a colored pair of jeans, try to go with a simpler top so your outfit doesn’t look too busy!


Backpacks are an essential, of course, but you can always make your backpack more of an accessory by getting a cute one instead of the plain ones most people get. Last year I used a tote bag to carry my stuff, and this year I went back to the traditional backpack, but I got a really cute one!

This is the one I got, from ASOS for only $30, originally $60! It’s really cute and it was a good price too!

asos floral print backpackThis backpack here is from Delia’s and it also costs $30, so if you want a lighter type of floral print, this is the backpack to get! Get your backpack as soon as possible before these backpacks are sold out, and before school starts!


Plain black cami’s are a must-have in everyone’s closet, and any type of camisole is useful if you wear lace shirts or kint sweaters that have little gaps between the fabric.

Camis are also a good barrier to wear between your body and itchy sweaters if you have any that are too cute to throw away, but make you itchy when you wear them.

Another good use is to wear them underneath shirts that have a deep-plunging V-neck, so you won’t be revealing all your “goodies” at school.


Wedges are my all-time favorite shoe to wear. They instantly dress up any outfit, especially school outfits since sometimes they tend to get a bit boring. Wedges give you a bit of height, and the glamour of wearing heels without overdoing it. They are casual enough to wear to school, while being dressy enough to make you stand out.

Comfort is a big deal when it comes to shoes that you wear at school since you tend to walk around a lot during the day, so wedges that aren’t too high are the best shoe to choose. They are also way more comfortable and easier to walk in than regular heels. You can also find then for great prices like these wedges here! Just click the photo to find where they’re sold online!


The ultimate fall accessory is a scarf. They are so easy to add to any outfit, and really give a lot of life to a plain, boring outfit. It keeps you warm and stylish in the cooler weather when you would add a cardigan and boots to your outfit, and really keeps you warm in cold weather when a coat just isn’t enough for your neck.

I like to have patterned and colorful scarves in my closet ready just in case I am running late and only have time to throw on a boring outfit (blue jeans, a white v-neck, and a gray cardigan). I use a colorful scarf to instantly make my outfit that much better.






So there you have it! These are this year’s fashion essentials for back-to-school time! I hope you enjoyed reading, and if there is any product in this post that you liked, feel free to click any of the photos to be taken to the product page on the website selling it. All of the products shown have very reasonable prices (I’m a bargain shopper!) so I think you’ll like them. Tell me what you think in the comments down below!


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  3. Elenita

    2 things:GOOD THING: your panters love you btw i luv skinny jeans!!!! but im a grlBAD THING: ppl will probably tease u about skinny jeansi kno this guy at our high school all he wears is skinny jeans and converse . sadly he has no friends..i think you should just order from the internet

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