Born Pretty Store Nail Supplies Review

Hello everyone, thanks for joining me for this exciting review! I have two nail products to review for you today. They are both sold for excellent prices at BornPrettyStore.Com and they work wonderfully! Keep in mind that this is just a review post, and not a tutorial, but I will be posting tutorials using each of the following two products. Check the end of my post for a COUPON CODE!

The first thing I have to show you is the “Glequin” Nail Decal Set which can be found here on the site.

hexagonal glitter

glequins glitter sequins nail art

These are officially Hexagon Glitter Powder, but glequin definitely describes these decals much better. The term was coined by TheNailasaurus, by mixing the two words “glitter” and “sequin” together. These hexagonal shapes are bigger than glitter, but too small to be considered sequins, so they are a hybrid of the two.

born pretty store glequin glitter sequins

nail glitter

Anyways, I digress. I really like these glequins because they are great to use in place or rhinestones when you feel like you need a bit of glam added to your nail look, but you don’t feel like having that 3D element that rhinestones add. They are also perfect for doing boarder nails, and lay very flat with a top coat.

nail art glitter

nail art glequin tower

They are not hard to use, and are easy to pick up with a toothpick that is dipped in clear nail polish. The package they came in was well worth it because a lot came in it, and in a big variety of colors. Overall, I loved this product!

gold glequins

case of glitter sequin glequins

Now for the second product — the dried flowers.

dried flower wheel

I saw these being used in a tutorial a long time ago, I don’t remember who used them, I think it was CutePolish but I’m not sure, but afterwards I decided that I needed some dried flowers in my life. They looked really great in the video, and when I found these on Born Pretty Store I had to get them!

born pretty store dried flower wheel

They are really delicate, so you need to make sure you handle them carefully and don’t break them. They come in what I like to call “flower clusters” because there is a stem-type thing that holds the tiny little flowers together. I would recommend removing the stem thing from the flowers before using them because it’s prettier that way, it’s easier to fit the nail, and it saves enough flowers to use on all the rest of the nails that way.

dried flower

purple dried flower

The only negative thing I have to say about the flowers is that they don’t have very many in the pack. Each color comes with two to five “flower clusters” which isn’t really that many, but then again, who really uses flowers on their nails all that often?

dried flowers born pretty store

When using the flowers, I recommend using two layers of topcoat because since they are 3D, you would want to make the nail as smooth as possible, and an extra layer of topcoat would really do the trick for that.

dried flower nail art wheel

Over all, Born Pretty Store has some really great products for extremely inexpensive prices, which are even lower if you buy in bulk, and even lower when you have coupon codes. I would highly recommend any nail enthusiasts like myself to shop their and get supplies there because of the great prices.

wheel of dried flowers

I have a COUPON CODE! Isn’t that exciting? I love coupons. This one gives you 5% off of your already low price on anything in the store. The code is AMBERW21, so if you order anything, make sure to use that code to get a discount. It is valid until December 30th, 2012. If you buy anything, tell me how you like it!


  1. Ashley

    omgomgomg this is such a great post, I’m so glad you did this review so now I know where to get cheap nail stuff! Thanks so much :)

    1. Amber Johnson (admin) (Post author)

      Thank you so much, darling! Glad this post helped you 😀


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