Double Platform Sneakers Review and Outfit

Hey everyone, today’s fashion post is about a pair of really cool platform sneakers that are suepr unique. I recently got this pair, from the company Max Star, and instantly fell in love with them! In this post I will show you what they look like up close, and an outfit that I wore with them.
This pair of shoes is perfect for any casual event like school, hanging out with friends, or anything like that. I wore these while shopping in New York City, and also to school. I love them, and if you have the same fashion sense as me, you will love them too!

Double Platform Sneakers

Here are more photos and a review:

If you cannot view the above video, click here for the tutorial on this look: Double Platform Sneaker Outfit of the Day and Review Video
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outfit with platform sneakers

Clothing Items Worn

Shirt: New York (similar)

Pants: New York (similar)

Accessories Worn

Shoes: Max Star

Coupon Code (10% off your purchase): AMBER
Expiration Date : Sep-22-2012

Belt: Forever 21 (similar)

Necklace: My Friend Courtney (similar)


I tried these shoes out for about two weeks, and absolutely love them! These shoes are really innovative because they combine the concept of sneakers, heels, and platforms, all in one. They remind me a lot of converse, but they aren’t so don’t get confused and call them that!

The shoes add 4.5 centimeters of extra height, which is great if you’re short, and really fun even if you’re not! They feel so cool walking in them, it’s like you’re walking on a short pair of stilts which also happen to be pretty cushiony. The bottom platform is more foamy than the top one, so it cushions your step, making these really comfy to walk in.

When you order the shoes, they come with an extra pair of laces for free, and you get to choose what color you get. These shoes also came with a dust bag that says “Max Star” on it. A dust bag! Isn’t that fancy?! I love the way the added those two things and packaged the shoes so they won’t get messed up.

These are just the black version of the shoe, but there are white, pink, now even polka dot! There are a bunch or other sizes and variation of this shoe, and the site is definitely worth a visit! Even if you don’t plan on getting anything, I would go to the site just to look at all the shoes they have. They found a way to make sneakers even more glamorous! You can also find all the pricing information you need on that site.

Overall, I love these shoes, and I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow! I have my outfit picked out and everything! Tell me what you think about these shoes in the comments! Also, do you like the outfit I wore them with?

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A Closer Look: Clothing

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double platform sneaker outfit

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*This post is not sponsored. I was given the shoes for consideration by the company.*

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  1. Rayane

    hate:oxfords, open shlouder top (not one shlouder tho, that’s fine), people wearing camis and their ***** hanging out, short shorts that are too short in general, even worse with pockets sticking out, maxi dresses, pantsuits, biiig belts, colorful hair extensions on adults, flare jeans/bell bottoms big texas hair (no offense, that’s just what i call it haha), those dresses that look like youshould be in the safari, stuff with brands on themlove:converse, flowy shirts, cardigans on some ppl, one shlouder shirts, dolman tops, skater shoes, zigtechs on some ppl, tee shirts , skinny jeans, tank tops, vintagey stuff, camo pants haha, gladiator sandals, flip flops, bandeau swim suits, animal print but not too much haha

  2. Anonymous

    Lolz ur just like my mum wiv all dose things being all like no short shorts n stuff… but ye mexican hair IS messed up especially on a light skinned person. But ye, skinny jeans .. i love dem man

  3. Casey-lee

    Wow! They look so cool! I want a pair! How much do they cost?
    That comment above mine is DISGUSTING!

    1. admin (Post author)

      They cost $50, and i removed the comment :)


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