New Hair Dye Products, Unboxed The Right (Jamaican) Way

Hey, Chameleons! I had been planning on doing my hair a new colour for a while, and I was finally able to when I got home for Winter break because I had enough uninterrupted time that I was able to look ugly as heck for days at a time without having to leave the house or see the light of day. Before I became a hideous recluse for a week, I stocked up on hair products that I would use for the process of fading, bleaching, toning, dyeing, and caring for my hair.

Jamaican Style Unboxing of New Hair Products And New Hair Colour

When I finally got my box of products in the mail I was so excited about it that I decided to make an unboxing video. This isn’t normally the type of video I make, but I decided it would be a fun one to do and I was feeling very silly so I grabbed my mother’s machete and unboxed it like a pro. Here’s the result of my sudden pang of silliness. Enjoy!

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