Hey nailpolish lovers! Today I’m bringing you a nailpolish review. The company is Pure Ice and they have some great products I want to share with you! Here are the two I am going to be reviewing today:

Pure Ice Crackle and Glitter Combo

pink crackle nail design

This nailpolish set came with two polishes wrapped together. One was a multicolored glitter with mostly pink, and the other was a pink crackle nailpolsih. I was sent this set by the company, but I’ve bought Pure Ice nail polishes before, and I got them from Walmart for around 2 or 3 bucks each, so this set should be around $5 or $6, but the price is still undecided, as this is a new product.

Pink Nailpolish Crackle and Glitter

The way the wrap it is cute because it has a little nail file that comes with it. The front says “Crackle & Pure Ice” and the back has a crackle pattern. The back looks just like the way my nails did when I used both of the polishes.

Crackel and Ice Nail File

Crackle Nail File

Crackle and Ice Nail Polish

Let’s talk about each nailpolish individually now. The glittery one is nameless, but the code on it’s bottom is “581cp”. It’s mostly a muted pink color, but is some glitter in it that has other colors like green, blue, and purple. I think this glitter polish is gorgeous and it’s my favorite of the two.

Here’s what one coat looks like:

One coat of glitter

And here’s what my nails look like with a second coat of this nailpolish:

two coats of gitter

I would wear this polish alone with two coats, and maybe three, but if you want, you can add the crackle on top. I would have done three coats, but with the pink crackle coat on top, that would have been too many layers including the base coat and the topcoat.

Now let’s see what it looked like when I added a thin coat of the pink crackle nailpolish on my nails:

pink crackle nails

This pink color is called “Pout”. I have had other crackles like the one from O.P.I. crack more, and I have others from this company that I bought last summer, that crack less. If you use a thinner coat than the on I did, there will be more cracks and more spaces. You can change the amount of crackle depending on your preferences.

Pink Glitter Crackel Nail Polish

This hot pink color works very well with the more muted pink glitterĀ underneath. I think it was a great pair of colors for Pure Ice to package together.

Pink Crackle Nails

Each bottle has .5 fluid ounces or product (15ml) which is the same amount an OPI or Essie polish have. This is kind of the standard amount of product to have, and at such a low price, that’s great value for your money.

pink crackle nailpolish

I had these nails on for over a week and they lasted the full week without chipping. I did use a clear topcoat and basecoat if you’re wondering. Overall, these nailpolishes are great, and yes, I would recommend them!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Amber, This is a really cool look! I love the sparkle under the pink polish. I’m going to give this one a try. Thanks for this post :) You made a few comments on my blog. Thanks for that. I subscribed to your RSS.

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