Goth-Inspired Outfit with Blue Hair

Hey there, fashion lovers! Today I’m showing you what I wore a few months ago. I was feelin’ the goth vibe with my freshly dyed blue hair and new black lipgloss. I love this black velvet dress and decided I would create an outfit including all of those things. I kept the makeup neutral to compensate for the darkness of the lips, and adapted the outfit to be great for fall.

Fashion Photography Goth

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Fashion Goth

Item List

Here are a list of the clothing pieces, shoes, and accessories I wore in this outfit. I try my best to link to the original, but a lot of the time it’s not possible, so I look for other items that are very similar if you are interested in some of the pieces or want to find places that sell clothing like this so you can browse the other items that they sell.


-Velvet Dress – Black [Forever 21 | Similar Item Here]
-Leather Jacket – Black [Macy’s (?) | Similar Item Here]

goth ootd outfit


-Stockings – Nude [Similar Item Here]


-Oxford Flats – Leather [Target | Similar Item Here]


-Cross Necklace– Silver [Macy’s | Similar Item Here]

Goth Fashion Blogger

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photo gallery

I hope you liked this outfit. It was one of those outfits that when I wore it I felt like a total boss. There are some outfits that can really do that for you, ya know? You look great, so you feel great. This one made me feel fierce like I should just burst open the school doors and walk into it in slow motion with the song “I’m a Boss Ass Bitch” blaring and pushing kids out of my way while everyone else slowly turns and stares at me.

Alright, that’s ridiculous, but it did make me feel pretty cool. Do you guys ever have an outfit like that where you feel great wearing it? If so, comment down below and describe your outfit!

Goth blue hair fashion

Blue Hair Black Lips

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Spring Outfit Of The Day: Bright Orange Maxi Skirt

Hey fashionistas! Today I’m showing you what I wore today for school. It’s a great Spring outfit, and it’s super duper colorful! This outfit has bits of hipster and punk influence, but is also pretty at the same time. It has a bunch of different bright colors (including my hair lol ^_^) that make it interesting and perfect for the warmer weather!
I made the skirt myself because I love maxi skirts and the fabric at the store was just calling my name! If you don’t know how to wear a maxi skirt, then this outfit will be a good example of how to wear a maxi skirt. It’s perfect to pair with a band tee and denim jackets. Top it off with some killer shoes and you have yourself an awesome outfit!

Colorful Spring Outfit of the Day Maxiskirt

Here’s a video showing the outfit, and a list of places items were purchased:

If you cannot view the above video, click here for the tutorial on this look: Spring Outfit Of The Day: Neon Orange Maxi Skirt
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Blink 182 Band Tee t-shirt

Bright orange maxi skirt

Where Clothing Items Were Purchased:


-Blink 182 Band Tee – Salvation Army Thrift Shop
-Denim jacket – from my Aunt Carlene [buy similar here]


-Neon Orange Maxi Skirt – DIY [buy similar here] <— great price


-Neon Yellow Chunky Heels – Color [buy here]


-Bracelets – DIY and gift [buy similar here]
-Necklace – gift [buy similar here]

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Fashion Gallery

If you find this outfit interesting, or just find fashion photos interesting in general, then here are a bunch of pictures for your enjoyment! I really like how bright the neon orange maxi skirt is, and how it flows in the wind!

hipster band tee t-shirt outfit

It was very windy out that day. Great for the skirt, but bad for hair! 😛

colorful bracelets diy spring fashion

These are  the colorful bracelets I wore. I made the two friendship bracelets, and I think I got the other two from a friend. Oh yeah, Leila gave them to me for my last birthday ^_^

band tee t-shirt outfit

Yess! Do you guys like Blink 182? Tell me in the comments! If you’ve never heard of them, I’m giving you the assignment to look them up! They’re great. This shirt is from a thrift shop, and you can always find inexpensive band tees there if that’s something you’re into!

Artsy Fashion Photos Blog

It was soo easy to keep my balance on this small wall… okay lies, I almost lost my balance once, but it made cool pictures!

Hipster Punk Fashion Outfit Blog

Do I look like an airplane in this?

Hipster Fashion

Amber Camille Johnson Fashion

Yup. So there’s my face!

alternative hipster punk outfit fashion

Notice the flowers in the background are just starting to bloom! I can’t wait for all the color to return to earth! haha

spring outfit of the day

The denim jacket is a vintage piece from my Aunt Carlene and I love it!

spring outfit ideas 2013 fashion

The maxiskirt I made turned out to be very flowy. Just the way I like it!

spring fashion 2013

Punk Outfit of the day

outside outfit of the day fashion

neon orange maxi skirt

hipster glasses

Here are my glasses! I got them like 3 years ago and thought they were so cool! I was the only one I knew with glasses like these, but now everyone and their mother wears them and it’s really annoying. They’ve lost their uniqueness :/

diy home made maxi skirt orange

colorful spring outfit

Tell me what you think about this outfit in the comments! I know it’s a little crazy but if you think so, tell me! I just like talking to you guys ahah :)

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Easter / Spring Nail Tutorial

Video Transcribed:

Hey guys! Today I’m gunna show you a quick outfit of the day for SPRING TIME! This is the outfit that I wore to school today, and it was super bright and colorful, just like Spring. I waited all winter to start wearing skirts and t-shirts again, and couldn’t be happier that it’s Spring. Also I made the skirt yesterday and was dying to wear it!
The graphic t-shirt I’m wearing is a band tee for Blink 182. The band is great and so is the design on their shirt, which I got from a Salvation Army.
This denim jacket you see me wearing is a vintage piece from my aunt.
Now I finally get to talk about the skirt! So this is a skirt I made yesterday in my sewing class. I finished all of the requirements for the year and had extra time, so yesterday I brought in some neon orange fabric and started making this maxi skirt. I got super into it so I stayed after school to finish it, and got to wear it today as the focus of my outfit. Yay for bright colors!
So these amazing shoes are my bright neon yellow chunky heel boots from They’re my favorite shoes ever and I love them so much! Even though they’re like 6 inches, they’re pretty comfortable to walk in so I think it’s fine wearing them to school.
I didn’t want to make my outfit any busier, so I wore a simple silver cross necklace that I got as a gift.
I stacked on a few colorful bracelets from who knows where, and a couple friendship bracelets I made myself.
And of course I’m wearing my glasses too!
So that’s it for my outfit! I’ll have links to everything on my blog which is in the description box below, and if you liked my video, please subscribe! If you want to show me your Spring outfit, post it as a video response!
Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in my next video, bye!!

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Double Platform Sneakers Review and Outfit

Hey everyone, today’s fashion post is about a pair of really cool platform sneakers that are suepr unique. I recently got this pair, from the company Max Star, and instantly fell in love with them! In this post I will show you what they look like up close, and an outfit that I wore with them.
This pair of shoes is perfect for any casual event like school, hanging out with friends, or anything like that. I wore these while shopping in New York City, and also to school. I love them, and if you have the same fashion sense as me, you will love them too!

Double Platform Sneakers

Here are more photos and a review:

If you cannot view the above video, click here for the tutorial on this look: Double Platform Sneaker Outfit of the Day and Review Video
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outfit with platform sneakers

Clothing Items Worn

Shirt: New York (similar)

Pants: New York (similar)

Accessories Worn

Shoes: Max Star

Coupon Code (10% off your purchase): AMBER
Expiration Date : Sep-22-2012

Belt: Forever 21 (similar)

Necklace: My Friend Courtney (similar)


I tried these shoes out for about two weeks, and absolutely love them! These shoes are really innovative because they combine the concept of sneakers, heels, and platforms, all in one. They remind me a lot of converse, but they aren’t so don’t get confused and call them that!

The shoes add 4.5 centimeters of extra height, which is great if you’re short, and really fun even if you’re not! They feel so cool walking in them, it’s like you’re walking on a short pair of stilts which also happen to be pretty cushiony. The bottom platform is more foamy than the top one, so it cushions your step, making these really comfy to walk in.

When you order the shoes, they come with an extra pair of laces for free, and you get to choose what color you get. These shoes also came with a dust bag that says “Max Star” on it. A dust bag! Isn’t that fancy?! I love the way the added those two things and packaged the shoes so they won’t get messed up.

These are just the black version of the shoe, but there are white, pink, now even polka dot! There are a bunch or other sizes and variation of this shoe, and the site is definitely worth a visit! Even if you don’t plan on getting anything, I would go to the site just to look at all the shoes they have. They found a way to make sneakers even more glamorous! You can also find all the pricing information you need on that site.

Overall, I love these shoes, and I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow! I have my outfit picked out and everything! Tell me what you think about these shoes in the comments! Also, do you like the outfit I wore them with?

A Closer Look: Shoes

black and white platfrm sneakers

where to buy patform sneakers

really high sneakers

platform sneakers

platform sneaker review

max star shoes logo

max star platform sneakers

high top platform sneakers

double platform high rise sneakers

cool innovative shoes

Black Sneaker Platforms

amber camille johnson sneakers

A Closer Look: Clothing

platform sneakers outfit

how to wear platform sneakers

how to wear double platform sneakers

double platform sneakers outfit

double platform sneaker outfit

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*This post is not sponsored. I was given the shoes for consideration by the company.*

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Back to School Fashion LookBook

Hey everyone! Today’s fashion post is about different outfits you can wear to school for this upcoming school year,the fall of 2012!
In this video and post I’m going to be showing you three different looks you can imitate for three different styles. The styles are classy, high school hipster, and casual.

I also have links to either the places I got each item, of if I couldn’t find it anymore, an item that’s similar. I look for good quality and especially good prices before I link anything so they will be more helpful to you!

Back To School Outfits

Here are more photos and where each item is from:

If you cannot view the above video, click here for the tutorial on this look: Back To School Fashion Look Book
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Outfit #1: Classy and Chic

Amber Camille Johnson Fashion Blog

This outfit is classy and chic. The tailored top goes well with the straight-leg red pants to make a cohesive classy looking outfit. The shirt is a must have. Right now sheer button-up tops are all the rage, and so are patterns, so putting them together is one way to rock both trends at the same time!

Shirt: Forever 21 (similar)
Pants: Forever 21 (similar)
Necklace: Claire’s (similar)
Belt: Forever 21 (similar)
Cross Ring: (similar)
Sandals: Macy’s (similar)

back to school stylesback to school fashion ideassheer black polkadot topred skinny straight leg jeansred skinny jeans and sandalsfashion blog with attitudeeditorial fashion blogclassy fashion blogchic fashion blogBeauty Guru

Outfit #2: High School Hipster


tumblr hipster

This outfit is inspired by the hipster style. I got this flowy tank top and instantly thought about what I was going to pair it with. These jeans were cute, but they became even cuter when I ripped them (tutorial coming soon) and I absolutely love the shoes! I chose to break up the darkness of the shoes and top by adding a lighter color in between, so if you have a dark top like this one you might want to consider doing the same. This outfit is fun and super tumblr-hipster-esque.

Shirt: Birlington Coat Factory (Similarish) (another cute cross shirt)
Jeans: idk? (similar)
Cardigan: Macy’s (Similar)
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory (similar)
Daisy Ring: Forever 21 (similar)

tumblr hipster outfit

tucked in shirtschool outfitsripped jeans cross shirt outfitripped denim jeanspink cheetah print cross shirthipster ringshipster outfithipster girlhipster fashioncardigan jeans and shirtfashion blogopen toed black wedgecute black bootsblack leather bootiesblack leather boot wedges

Outfit #3: Casual and Laid Back

school outfit

This outfit is really laid-back and chill. It’s perfect for one of those Fridays when you don’t feel like waking up so you roll out of bed just in time to do the most necessary morning tasks, but don’t have enough time to pick out an elaborate outfit. Just throw on a V-neck shirt, a cardigan that has the same color scheme, but some sort of pattern, some skinny jeans and a pair of cute sneakers. For an added bonus, in this outfit I mixed prints, which is super in right now. I mixed the stripes with floral print that’s in the necklace and the shoes. How cute are those shoes by the way?!

Shirt: Walmart (similar)
Cardigan: idk (similar)
Jeans: Forever 21
Necklace: Claire’s (similar)
Floral Sneakers: Target (similar)

Amber Camille Johnsonstriped cardiganpreppy casual school outfitCasual Back to school outfitAmber Johnsonfloral shoesfloral sneakerrs

This video that I made was a collab with Victoria, one of my YouTube friends, and here are her back to school looks:

Back To School Outfits 2012

Fashion Gallery


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Video Transcribed:

Hey guys! Today I’m doing a back to school fashion video, which is also a collab with my youtube friend, Victoria from oheytoribeauty. We both put together 3 outfits that are perfect for school. Here are my three outfits, and stay tuned until the end of the video to see Victoria’s outfits! Don’t forget to watch her video, which is linked is in the description box below!
My first outfit is very classy, and this is what I’m going to wear on the second day of school. It just feels like a second day of school outfit to me, I’m not sure why though. The top is sheer, so you won’t get hot wearing it while it’s still summer, but my school is usually too cold to wear shorts, so I picked these red skinny pants.
This sheer black polka dotted blouse is from forever 21, and is currently my favorite shirt of all time. These red straight-leg pants are also from Forever 21. They go really well with the black and white polka dotted pattern, and they’re a great alternative to always wearing skinny jeans.
This braided belt, also from Forever 21, breaks up the outfit, and also keeps my pants up! I got this necklace from Claire’s, and it fits perfectly under my collar. Isn’t that such a great collar by the way?
Here’s another Forever 21 piece. Just something gold to match.
This is my everyday makeup, and there’s a tutorial coming soon!
I chose these gladiator sandals because they go well with the belt, and because they help lighten up the outfit, since it is still summer. They also have a nice little two-inch heel to them.
Next outfit: Highschool Hipster! This outfit is dedicated to my edgier girls out there. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something a little less classy and tailored, and this outfit does just the trick! I get the new clothes back-to-school feeling when I wear this outfit, and I know you all love the feeling of wearing new clothes for the first time! Am I right? I’m right! Oh and I ripped the jeans myself!
Okay so this shirt is from Burlington Coat Factory, and it’s an oversized tank top with a leopard printed cross in the center. There’s some gold glitter on there too! But since not all schools allow tank tops, I got your back! Just throw on a cardigan or unstructured blazer on top and now it’s allowed.
I chose a gray one, but you could also use a taupe or tan color. Another way you could wear this shirt is by tucking in just the front of the shirt. This is a good tip for shorter girls who would be drowning in this oversized tank.
These black wedges are also from Burlington Coat Factory, and I love them! I normally don’t like peep-toed shoes that much, but these are the exception! They are pretty tall, about 6 inches, so if you’re not used to high wedges, don’t wear them to school!
On my fingers, I have the cross ring again, and a two-fingered daisy ring, also from Forever 21. Here are my hipster glasses, which I wear all the time since I can’t really see without them, and yes they are prescription!
But, you can always wear different fun glasses with this outfit like these heart-shaped shades from my friend. Which pair do you like better?
This next outfit is casual and laid back, and incorporates the trendy mixing of patterns. It’s great for when you’re in a pinch for time.
A striped cardigan can easily jazz up a plain v-neck top, and I chose them in the same color. I mixed the stripes with floral print in my necklace because I love that pattern combination! The skinny jeans are from Forever 21, and they have a light material, making them great for warmer weather.
I’m wearing my every day makeup, and here I add my glasses because if you go to school, you might as well be able to see so you can learn something! Continuing with the floral print from the necklace, I have on these adorable floral sneakers from Target that I love! They’re perfect for a laid back look and easy to walk around in all day.
I hope you enjoyed my back to school lookbook, and if you want to see more photos, I’ll have them on my blog, which is linked below! Don’t forget to check out Victoria’s outfits! These are her three picks, one of which also mixes patterns and we didn’t even plan that! I love her style, and if you do too, don’t forget to subscribe to her channel! You can click this annotation to see her back to school video.
Thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye!!


Thanks for stopping by! Please subscribe to my blog if you like it!

xoxo Amber Camille Johnson from The Super Beauty Guru <3

How to Make Galaxy Shorts DIY

Hey everyone! I have been loving the galaxy clothing trend I’ve seen lately online (and by lately I mean like 10 times a day for the past year) and I really want to try it out for myself. One of the best ways to wear this galaxy trend is on your shorts. I love the print on leggings, shorts, shirts, shoes (the Jeffery Campbel Galaxy Print Lita’s are to die for!) and I love the galaxy print nail design!

Here are a few pictures of the trend that I am talking about (note that these are NOT my shorts, I found these pictures on tumblr):

galaxy print shorts


galaxy print shorts


Here’s a tutorial on how to turn a pair of regular black denim shorts into a pair of these awesome galaxy printed ones!


1 Get a pair of black or dark denim shorts. If you only have a pair of jeans but would still like to achieve this look, you can use those, or cut your jeans into a distressed pair of shorts. I have a tutorial on how to do that, so click the linked text to see that tutorial. The ideal color of the denim you should use is black, but a very very dark wash jean would do. Also, if you don’t have black, you can always dye your shorts black before you start. If you want to distress them, now is your chance!

2 Now you want to get some fabric paint and sponges to do this design. Get a couple blues, purples, and a white paint.

3 Use your sponge to sponge on the lightest blue you have. Now sponge this across the entire front, but leave gaps and kind of make the design go in a horizontal pattern. Now repeat with the darker blue and purples.

4 With your white, sponge a bit into different sized blobs, but keep them small. These will be solar systems.

5 Use your white again, but this time with a tool like a ball-point pen, to make tiny dots that will be stars. You can cluster them around the white blobs to make it seem more like a solar system, and scatter some in random places. Use the tip of the pen to make small dots. Also vary the size a bit. To make larger dots, which will be planets, flip over the pen and use the back dipped in white paint. You can also make flattened out ovals to be a solar system if you want, but use a sponge for that.

6 Let your shorts dry for at least a day, and now you’re done! Wear them with style girl! And if you try this tutorial out, post a comment down below telling me how well they turned out! Of you can tweet me a picture here!

I hope you all enjoyed and learned from this tutorial!

Back to school 2012 Fashion Essentials

Going back to school is a huge event in any girl’s world who is into fashion. In our world, back to school time means time for back to school shopping for clothing! This is an exciting event because we can justify spending a bunch of money on clothing because of course we want to look fresh and trendy for the upcoming school year! New clothes always make people happy!

I’m going to tell you what my back-to-school essentials are, fashion wise. These are things you should own, and if you don’t, I would strongly recommend buying them! By the way, every picture is linked to where you can buy these clothing items online, so it makes shopping a lot easier!


Cardigans are a must-have for every school year! When school’s just starting, and the season is transitioning from summer to fall, cardigans are my go-to piece. It’s easy to throw one on top of a summer top for a little bit of warmth in the morning when it tends to be cooler, of if some of the classrooms in your school are a bit chilly.


It’s also easy to remove if it gets hot inside, and they don’t weigh much, so you can easily carry it around or just throw it in your locker or backpack. Cardigans are great for that summer/fall transition period, for layering in the fall, and not to mention that there are tons of cute cardigans out there!


Jeans are always something every girl should have. Jeans go with basically any top and can be dressed up or down for school. They come in tons of colors, and are basically a girl’s best friend! I think every girl needs at least one pair of blue jeans that fit her really well, and a pair of black jeans as well. I recommend skinny jeans because they work with any outfit unlike flare or boyfriend jeans, but wear what you’re comfortable with!

Getting a few pairs of colorful jeans never hurt anyone, and I would have to say I’m the color queen. I’ve owned about 30 pairs of different colored skinny jeans, and I have to say that I’m obsessed! If you wear a colored pair of jeans, try to go with a simpler top so your outfit doesn’t look too busy!


Backpacks are an essential, of course, but you can always make your backpack more of an accessory by getting a cute one instead of the plain ones most people get. Last year I used a tote bag to carry my stuff, and this year I went back to the traditional backpack, but I got a really cute one!

This is the one I got, from ASOS for only $30, originally $60! It’s really cute and it was a good price too!

asos floral print backpackThis backpack here is from Delia’s and it also costs $30, so if you want a lighter type of floral print, this is the backpack to get! Get your backpack as soon as possible before these backpacks are sold out, and before school starts!


Plain black cami’s are a must-have in everyone’s closet, and any type of camisole is useful if you wear lace shirts or kint sweaters that have little gaps between the fabric.

Camis are also a good barrier to wear between your body and itchy sweaters if you have any that are too cute to throw away, but make you itchy when you wear them.

Another good use is to wear them underneath shirts that have a deep-plunging V-neck, so you won’t be revealing all your “goodies” at school.


Wedges are my all-time favorite shoe to wear. They instantly dress up any outfit, especially school outfits since sometimes they tend to get a bit boring. Wedges give you a bit of height, and the glamour of wearing heels without overdoing it. They are casual enough to wear to school, while being dressy enough to make you stand out.

Comfort is a big deal when it comes to shoes that you wear at school since you tend to walk around a lot during the day, so wedges that aren’t too high are the best shoe to choose. They are also way more comfortable and easier to walk in than regular heels. You can also find then for great prices like these wedges here! Just click the photo to find where they’re sold online!


The ultimate fall accessory is a scarf. They are so easy to add to any outfit, and really give a lot of life to a plain, boring outfit. It keeps you warm and stylish in the cooler weather when you would add a cardigan and boots to your outfit, and really keeps you warm in cold weather when a coat just isn’t enough for your neck.

I like to have patterned and colorful scarves in my closet ready just in case I am running late and only have time to throw on a boring outfit (blue jeans, a white v-neck, and a gray cardigan). I use a colorful scarf to instantly make my outfit that much better.






So there you have it! These are this year’s fashion essentials for back-to-school time! I hope you enjoyed reading, and if there is any product in this post that you liked, feel free to click any of the photos to be taken to the product page on the website selling it. All of the products shown have very reasonable prices (I’m a bargain shopper!) so I think you’ll like them. Tell me what you think in the comments down below!

Foam Party Fringe Shirt Outfit Of The Day

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you how I wore my fringe shirt. If you want to see how to create a fringe shirt, I made a tutorial showing how I turned a plain shirt into a fringed one.

If you followed my tutorial on how to make a fringed shirt, and don’t know how or where to wear it, this video will give you some ideas. It’s a great shirt to wear in the summer. It gives you a super cute and textured look while being very chill and laid back. It’s also very comfy and flowy so if you go somewhere warm it will keep you cooler than a regluar top.

If you cannot view the above video, click here for the tutorial on this look: Fringe Shirt Outfit Of The Day
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I don’t really have any pictures of me in this outfit, but here’s one of my face:

Amber Johnson

Here’s a list of the makeup I’m wearing:

-MAC Solar bits
-MAC eyeshadow in Amber Lights
-Almay black eyeliner
-Maybelline Mega Plush mascara
-Wet n’ Wild vanity eyeshadow palette
-E.L.F. foundation
-MAC lipstick in Morange

Here’s the vlog video I made showing what we did at the foam party. It was awesome!!

Thanks for stopping by! Please subscribe to my blog if you like it! xoxo Amber C Johnson from Super Beauty Guru <3

How to Fringe a Shirt DIY

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to create a fringed shirt out of a regular t-shirt.
This is a really simple and easy do it yourself clothing modification tutorial. I show you how to turn a regular cotton shirt into a cool fringed top. If you have a shirt laying around that you don’t wear because it’s pretty loose on you, this is  a great way to get some use out of it. All you need are a pair of scissors and some spare time and you can get really creative and transform your old shirt into something new. The fringe trend is really cute, so I encourage you to try it out!

How to Fringe a Shirt

Here are all the Steps and Products I used:

If you cannot view the above video, click here for the tutorial on this look: DIY Fringe Shirt tutorial: How to Fringe a Shirt
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1) Get a cotton shirt that you want to fringe

2) Try it on and find how high you want the fringe to come.

3) Mark the desired height of your fringe with a pencil. Use a pencil, white eyeliner, or chalk. Don’t use something like a pen or marker because those won’t come out of the shirt. The area you mark will tell you where to stop cutting, but won’t be gone once you’re done cutting so you want to make sure whatever you use to mark the shirt washes out!

4) Get a pair of scissors and cut off the bottom seam of the shirt.

5) Use your scissors to cut vertical strips up to the marked line. Try to make all the strips about half an inch wide, and evenly space them. It doesn’t have to be super perfect, but try to be neat.

6) Once you cut the strips all around the shirt, gently tug on each of them to change the boxy rectangle shaped fabric into more of a curled cylinder shape. Try on your shirt and you’re done! You have now changed a boring old tee into a trendy fringed top with just a pair of scissors!

Tools Needed

-a cotton shirt that you want to fringe

-a pair of scissors that cut through cloth easily


Photo Gallery

Fringe Shirt DIY

Fringed top diy

Do it Yourself Fringe Shirt

Fringe Shirt Tutorial

Fringed shirt video tutorial

Fringed top tutorial


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How To Turn Jeans Into Distressed Jean Shorts Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to create how to turn jeans into distressed shorts.
I had a pair of bright yellow skinny jeans that looked great on me, but unfortunately, they had a stain on them on the pant leg. I tried everything to remove the stain, but it didn’t budge, so instead of getting rid of the jeans, I decided to turn them into a pair of shorts. I decided to make them into a pair or distressed shorts because I love that look, and it’s really fun to do.

If you have a pair of jeans that were like mine, stained lower down on the leg area, or perhaps yours fit well, except the leg doesn’t go down far enough. If that is the case, don’t get rid of them! Simple turn your long pants into short pants. You can do this with any type of pants, but only attempt to distress denim shorts. I’m sure there’s a way to do that to other materials, but I don’t know how to do that yet, so try it out with denim first.

How to distress denim shorts

Denim shorts look really great when it’s distressed. Distressed shorts are basically shorts that have shaggey edges, rips, tears, fringe, or look worn out. Nowadays, tons of people buy shorts that look like this, or they do it to a pair of shorts/pants that they already own to get that worn look. I think this style is fabulous, and I love the outcome of my shorts!

I’ve been loving this look for such a long time, just check my Tumblr and you will see all the pairs of distressed denim shorts I have reblogged, it’s crazy. I wish I could wear short shorts like these to school because they’re so cute, and they definitely cover everything they need to, but sadly my school doesn’t allow that so I’ll just wear these during the summer or on weekends. In college I’ll get to though. I hope they still fit when I get to college!

Here are all the Steps and Tools Used in this Tutorial:

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Tools Needed

-pair of jeans

-scissors that can cut through fabric

-utility knife or box cutter

-tack, needle, or pin

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How to turn jeans into distressed shorts

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Amber Camille Johnson

Video Transcribed:

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you how to turn your jeans into a pair of distressed shorts.
This is what they looked like before, and here’s what they look like after.
It’s really easy to make these and I’m going to show you how!
First get a pair of jeans that fit around the waist area. I’m using these bright yellow jeans from JC penny. They fit well and have cute studs on the pocket. I chose these because I got a stain on the pant leg and I tried getting it out, but even oxyclean didn’t work, so I’m just gunna cut above the stain so the pants are still usable.
Get a pencil and mark where you want to cut. Do this while you are wearing the pants so you will know how the pants will look on you once they’re cut. Make the lines on both sides even and mark the inside seams too. If you’re unsure of how short to cut them, go longer than you want so you can shorten it later, cuz you’re better safe than sorry!
Get some scissors that can cut through fabric, mine were from Walmart, and cut a little slit on one side of the shorts, at the place you marked with the pencil. Cut the front part of the pants to the inseam. Do the same thing on the other side.
Now flip the pants over and cut to the marked line. I cut the back side a little longer than the front because I’ve seen a lot of jean shorts that have longer backs.
Fold the pants over and match up the two sides, then cut the same shape on the other half of the pants. This ensures that the sides will be even. This is what your shorts should look like.
Now it’s time for the fun part. Get a box cutter or utility knife like this one, and use it to fray the edges of the shorts. If you do a back and forth motion it makes some stray strands pop out and roughens up the edges. It gives the nice frayed look which is what distressed shorts are all about!
Do this all along the edges of the pants. Be careful when using the knife near your fingers cuz it’s super sharp and dangerous. If you’re younger, you might want to get a parent to help you. Now stab it, drag it, pull it, rip it, whatever you want to do the the edges, just make them look jaggedy.
This is what it looks like after I tore apart the edges of the shorts. Pretty good huh? It’s a lot different than the other side, so it’s time to destroy that one too. Get out your knife and have fun! This process did take a little while, so be patient. It takes even longer to distress the body of the shorts!
The first part I’m pulling apart is the side. This was the second flaw in my pants so I’m getting rid of it by making a slit above and below it. Then, get a pin or a tack and use it to individually pull out the horizontal threads. When you find a string that doesn’t fall out when you pull, gently pull it down keeping it attached on both sides, then keep going all the way up through the middle piece of fabric.
Eventually you will get to the point when you’re almost done and the vertical strings come out easily, so you can just pull those out instead of pulling the horizontal ones down. It’s much quicker.
Now you want to fray the edges of the slits above and below the shredded part. Now it’s nice and destroyed!
Now we’re shredding over the pocket, so pull that out through the top so you don’t accidentally cut it. Now cut three slits over the pocket area with your scissors. Do the same thing to this area that you just did to the side of the shorts. I also did this to the other side but with only two slits. This takes a very long time if you do it right, so be patient.
Now your distressed shorts are finished! These are what they look like on. I like how one side is super distressed, and the other side is less, so they’re not symmetrical. We’re going for a messy look so I didn’t want the sides to have the same amount of distress.
Overall, I’m really happy with how they turned out, and I’m glad I chose this pair of pants to alter. If you guys try this out on your pants, tweet me a picture so I can see your creation! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe if you like my videos! My blog link is down below if you want to check it out, and I’ll see you in my next video! Bye!


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