Generation Beauty Recap! Short Film of New York City

Hey, Chameleons! This post that recaps Generation Beauty from New York City last year (October 2015) has been a long time coming. It took me so long to finally post this because I was overwhelmed with hours and hours of video footage and tons of photos I needed to sift through but I finally sat down for four days and made my way through all of the footage. Here is the beautiful piece of art that I call my experience in New York City during my first Gen Beauty convention!

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with what Generation Beauty (commonly abbreviated as just “Gen Beauty” for short) is, then let me explain. Gen Beauty is a convention created by Michelle Phan’s company “Ipsy” that is on a Saturday and a Sunday and focused on beauty. People buy tickets to the event and receive a card that has tabs that you can rip off and exchange at the corresponding brand’s booth for whatever they are offering at the event. Most booths have long lines, but once you get there you hand in the brand’s tab off of your card and get a free beauty product or products.

Generation Beauty New York City

There are also other types of booths. Some were demonstration booths where you could watch someone explain and show how to use a product. Another was one where you could pick designs from a set and watch people print out exactly what you wanted on a makeup bag that you get to keep. Others are meet and greets of your favourite beauty gurus like Julie G at the Jessie’s Girl station, or Mally who had a photoshoot type setup where you could take photos with her.

Julie G Makeup

Generation Beauty had up until this point always been held in L.A. but this was the first time it was in NYC. I was obviously excited because as an East Coast babe, this made it easier for me to be able to go, especially because it was during the school year.

Because I am a beauty vlogger, I was given tickets to the event and invited to a cocktail party that was the night before that was just beauty influencers and beauty brands. In the video you can see Michelle and her Ipsy team making cute speeches and everyone partying and having a great time. Did I mention that it was open bar?


During this time, I met so many wonderful people. I ended up becoming great friends with Jennie (The Bargain Princess) and Linda (JaMexicanBeauty) and will be attending the next Gen Beauty with both of them in L.A. at the end of this month!

Mixed Girls



Michelle Phan Sister

We got to meet Michelle Phan’s sister on the way out on the last day (She’s the second from the left in the maxi-dress)!

Manny MUA

I don’t remember who took this photo but I’m still sad that they didn’t focus the camera :/

Desi Perkins Chrisspy LustreLux


Haley Williams

(Other famous YouTubers I got to meet!!)

Carlo's Bakery Coffee Lamb Gyro

This is the lamb gyro from the video. Just looking at it makes me so hungry omg.

Hot Black Girls

Some babes with melanin from the event!

Curly Hair Beauty By Genecia Bad Boosh Summer Kellsey

More lovely people I met and whose work is actually fantastic.

New York City

My view from the hotel! (I stayed at Row NYC)

Gaby McKay

My lovely friend, Gaby who goes to NYU that I got to visit before leaving the city.

Hair Buns Camille Camille Johnson Camille Johnson Makeup Camille Johnson Fashion

Just various photos of yours truly this weekend! :)

PhotobombHe photobombed us pretty badly but the next day we found out that he works for Cover FX and he gave each of us two bottles of the Cover FX Foundation Drops (which retail for $44/bottle!)

Oil Slick


Patrick Star Makeup


He congratulated me on my hair tutorials. Crazy that Patrick Star (the makeup artist) has even heard of me. It was great meeting him!

Offbeat Look

Pretty much the cutest subscriber in the world awhhh!!!

Overall it was such an amazing time and a great place for beauty bloggers to network, meet viewers (yall are so cute!), or for beauty-enthusiasts to get new products and run into some of their faves. Everybody gets a goody bag in the end and comes home with tons of photos and a smile on their face :)

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xoxo Camille

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