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I’m Back… ?!?

Hey my lovely babes who still follow my blog (I know I’m talking to an empty room here, but I’m still going to give this speech even if it’s just to hear an echo back.) I’ve been off this blog…
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Flappy Bird Nail Design

Best Flappy Bird Nails

Flappy bird. Enough said. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the little flapping devil, since it’s been the number one app for a while, which is why I decided to paint it on my nails. This is a video I…
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How to Cut Curly Hair

How to cut curly hair

Hey there, ya curly-headed ladies/guys! The other day, I cut my hair, and being the fuzzy-headed freak that I am, I decided to film it and show the world how it’s done! I’ve been cutting my own hair since around…
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How I Dyed My Hair Teal to Blue Ombre

Blue Hair Ombre Tutorial How To

Hey there, my darlings; today I’m showing you how I dyed my hair a TEAL to DARK BLUE ombre! A lot of people have asked me for more hair tutorials and happened to love this color, so it’s a good…
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Matte Black Nail Design Tutorial

Matte Black Nails

Hey there nail enthusiasts! Today I’m showing you a tutorial for how to do this matte black nail design that I created on my nails. In the video I show you how to use a matte topcoat and how to…
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Goth-Inspired Outfit with Blue Hair

Fashion Photography Goth

Hey there, fashion lovers! Today I’m showing you what I wore a few months ago. I was feelin’ the goth vibe with my freshly dyed blue hair and new black lipgloss. I love this black velvet dress and decided I…
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Summer Sunset Makeup Tutorial

Summer Sunset Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to create a colorful, summer sunset makeup look. This look is perfect for the end of summer, as it is a metaphorical sunset. You can also wear this look any time…
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How to dye dark/black hair pastel pink

Pink Hair Hipster

Every girl who has dark hair always has trouble figuring out how to get light pink pastel hair, because let’s face it- it’s almost impossible to achieve exactly what you want. There are so many problems I, or other people,…
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How to Get Rid of Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Getting rid of semi-permanent hair dye might be a challenge you face eventually, and there are a few methods to do so. They work on different levels, and some take longer than others, so it depends on a variety of…
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How to Get Soft Lips

Soft lips are what every girl strives for. They make your face look better, they help your lipstick go on smoother, and are completely kissable, so why wouldn’t someone strive for soft, smooth lips? Well for those of you who…
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