Glitter Roots Hair Tutorial

Hey there, Chameleons! I got a lot of requests to do a glitter roots hair tutorial on my Instagram of me wearing it, so here ya go with a tutorial! I have embedded a video that I posted to youtube here, but will go over some quick instructions and tips if you don’t have time for that!

glitter roots

Watch this video on my YouTube channel instead of on my blog.

Quick Instructions

To get the glitter roots look, it is very simple. All you really need is some large glitter, something to part your hair with, some gel, hair scrunchies, and a winning personality. Here’s what my hair looked like before the glitter shenanagins:curly purple hair

1. Part your hair down the center of your head, creating two even amounts of hair on either side of the part. Secure with hair scrunchies on both sides, making sure it’s even.

curly pigtails

curly pig tails

2. Twist your hair into buns on both sides and secure with bobbi pins.

curly buns

3. Mix some glitter into gel. I used glitter by Sally’s Girl that was a very good price and the perfect size for this type of look.

Glitter Glitter bokeh

4. Using your fingers, dab the glitter mixture onto your roots and all the way around where they’re showing at the front. You can apply it to just your center roots if you please. Everything is up to you. Every thing you do in your life is up to you; you don’t need me to tell you what to do with yourself, you are completely capable of making your own life decisions by your own free will.

Glitter roots tutorial offbeatlook Camille Johnson sparkly roots glitter roots tutorial

5. Let your hair dry and go somewhere cool with your friends!

college friends

More Photos!

Bokeh Glitter Aesthetic glitter aesthetic glitter hair tutorial glitter roots hair tutorial glittery hair glitter hair roots

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