How to Fix a Broken Nail with a Teabag!

Do you ever get cracks in your nail that you really wish you could fix so you don’t have to clip your nail all the way down? What about cracks that are too far down that you couldn’t clip down to it even if you wanted to? I used to get these all the time, I have since worked on getting my nails to become healthier, but I’m going to show you how I would fix these breaks using a tea bag! I always keep a tea bag with my nail stuff nowadays just in case I ever need to fix another crack! This is the before and after of my cracked nail:

Fixing a cracked nail with a teabag

Keep in mind that this is just a temporary fix, and if you have nails that keep breaking all the time, you should look into trying to strengthen your nails so this doesn’t happen that often. Also, my nails are yellow stained in this tutorial because of a yellow nail polish that I used from OPI. I even had a base coat underneath but it still stained my nails and trust me, I won’t be using that yellow ever again.

Another method that would work and probably be stronger is by using nail wraps, but everybody has teabags in their house so it’s much more convenient. Here’s a video tutorial of how I did this nail look!

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More Photos

Here’s what my thumb nail looked like before, when it was cracked.

fixing a broken nail with a teabag

This is what my other nail looked like when it was broken, before I fixed to fix a broken nail

This is what my nails looked like once the patches of the tea bag were applied to them.teabag used to fix broken cracked nail

This is what it looks like with the tea bags and polish on top.fix broken cracked nail tutorial

And here is the thumb, all patched up!tutorial on how to fixed broken cracked nail

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